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How the US Healthcare Industry has been rigged against employers and employees

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  • Awareness of how the US healthcare industry has been taking advantage of employers and employees.
  • Clarity about the steps you can take to more effectively control your  employee healthcare plan and STOP the overspending.

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Every executive deserves to know the truth behind how the US healthcare industry is driving up costs.

We believe all plan members deserve the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost. And business leaders deserve to understand the truth behind the US healthcare industry curtain and those causes actually driving up costs.

Barry Rowley, Pearl Logic CEO

Stop overpaying for employee healthcare.

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Schedule an Executive-Level Consultation.

You’ll receive a no-cost, no-obligation, objective analysis showing how much you’re currently overspending.


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With your objective analysis report in hand and access to our educational video gallery unmasking the US healthcare industry’s practice of taking advantage of employers and employees, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, without all the usual healthcare system smoke and mirrors.


Decide where to allocate your new net margin.

While you enjoy your new net margin, we’ll continue working to secure additional high quality healthcare solutions at the lowest possible cost.

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CFO of Large, Multi-State Fuel and Convenience Store Chain

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Operations VP, Large Midwest Sales Company

Reclaim your control over employee healthcare costs.