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Reclaim your control over employee healthcare costs.

Employers can access ~30% – 70%+ lower employee healthcare wholesale pricing, with higher quality care. Yet 96% of US employers still pay retail prices.

No Disruption

No Transfer of Costs

Higher Quality Healthcare

Skilled Support Team

You’ve been misguided for years.

As a CEO or CFO, you’ve just about given up trying to contain mounting employee healthcare costs.

Every single time you look at the numbers, you feel:
Powerless over the astronomical yearly increases.
Frustrated that such a huge budget expense feels out of your control.
Defeated, so you send the decision back to HR to let them pick the poison.
What you don’t yet know about what’s driving up employee healthcare costs is even worse.

And it’s going to make you livid.

The healthcare industry is misleading you so they can make obscene, unjustified profits.

Ready for the truth they won’t tell you?

You aren’t powerless.

There are literally 100s of easy to adopt cost-containment practices that you’ve never been advised of. Because if you had, it would cannibalize the revenues of those you trust most to help you control these costs.

You don’t need a pre-packaged plan.

Those “convenient” healthcare plans are designed with the industry’s best interests in mind, not yours.

Healthcare expenses are not just an HR issue.

With tactical C-suite involvement, you can secure high-quality employee healthcare at the lowest cost.

“I was shocked by how much we saved…

And other things executives are saying

We saw immediate savings. I was shocked by how much we saved. It’s a no brainer. Pearl Logic is going to save you money, no matter what. They have the right tools, processes, and expertise.

Operations VP, Catholic Dioceses Southwest

Pearl Logic is a company of integrity and trustworthiness. I am not sure why the whole country is not using Pearl Logic.

Head of Procurement, Midsized Credit Union

One of our biggest regrets is that we did not find Pearl Logic sooner.

Operations VP, Large Midwest Sales Company

Reducing employee healthcare costs is easier than you’ve been led to believe.

After 20 years in the expense mitigation and cost reduction industry, we know how frustrating it is to face ever-increasing healthcare costs and feel like there is nothing you can do to control or curb them.

So, we pull back the US healthcare industry curtain and expose what you’re not being told.

We’ve already worked with more than 500 companies and saved them a collective $187+ million in overspending.

The fact is, most employee healthcare programs are NOT correctly structured to obtain the highest quality healthcare at the lowest cost.

In truth, once you understand how the system is built, it’s not difficult to escape its clutches.

What could you do with your new net margin?

Retain & Attract Top Talent

Boost Cash Reserves

Give Raises & Bonuses

Increase Sales & Marketing

Improve Employee Training

Purchase Updated Equipment

Develop New Product

Expand the Company

Invest in Company Culture

Our loyalty is to you.
We make promises to you.

– not the healthcare industry –

Unbiased Answers

We do not sell healthcare products or services. We are an objective, neutral, unbiased employee healthcare consulting firm. Our fiduciary responsibility is to you.

Huge Cost Reductions

Through Pearl Logic’s heavy-lifting and guidance, most employer groups reduce costs by ~$100-$300+ per employee, per month.

Hand-in-Hand Implementation

Our team forensically analyzes, architects and collaboratively assembles those cost reduction strategies that will work best for your organization.
Reducing company operating costs since

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typical savings per employee, per month

years experience in expense mitigation

Stop overpaying for employee healthcare.

Here’s how:


Schedule an Executive-Level Consultation.

You’ll receive a no-cost, no-obligation, objective analysis showing how much you’re currently overspending, and therefore your currently available and underutilized margins.


Make an informed decision.

With your objective analysis report in hand and access to our educational video gallery unmasking the US healthcare industry’s practice of taking advantage of employers and employees, you’ll be able to make an informed decision, without all the usual healthcare industry smoke and mirrors.


Decide where to allocate your new net margin.

While you enjoy your new net margin, we’ll continue working to secure additional high quality healthcare solutions at the lowest possible cost.

How can we possibly reduce employee healthcare costs, gain access to higher-quality care, and increase the level of support without increasing premiums?

Healthcare and healthcare insurance are not the same thing.

Healthcare insurance is the funding mechanism we’ve all been trained to use in order to obtain healthcare.

Think of it like using a credit card to make a big purchase. The credit card company earns money by facilitating the transaction and charging you interest. It feels safer because it is a buffer between the purchase and your bank account but in the end, you pay more.

While appropriately managing the funding mechanism is certainly important, our energies are more focused on effectively controlling those causes that are actually driving up employee healthcare costs, in the first place.

We teach employers how the system has been set-up, expose those practices that drive up healthcare costs, and reveal how to access wholesale pricing, which is generally ~30% – 70%+ less than pre-packaged plans.

96% of US employers do not realize how easy it is to gain access to high quality, wholesale priced, employee healthcare. STOP overspending!

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Watch this 10-minute video now:

Healthcare: The giant scam we all pay for.

Pearl Logic did everything. They functioned as if they were part of our team. They were very courteous, diplomatic, and focused on the needs of our employees. Our experience with Pearl Logic was super positive.

CFO of Large, Multi-State Fuel and Convenience Store Chain

Reclaim your control over employee healthcare costs.