Eliminate Wasted Spend on Your Employee Benefits Coverages

Zero Risk. Zero Disruption. Zero Expense.

Month Over Month You’re Over Spending On Your Employee Benefit Plans, Coverages and Services

And it's worse than you think ...

The Bad News

  • You’re being overcharged by $75 – $100 per employee, per month
  • You’re not receiving all applicable discounts & rebates
  • Correcting the problem requires extreme expertise
  • And the last thing you want to do is reduce coverages and/or increasing risk exposure and/or Employee premiums, co-pays or deductibles

The GOOD News

  • You can fix this with ZERO investment
  • You do NOT need to reduce coverages or increasing risk exposure and/or Employee premiums, co-pays or deductibles
  • You do NOT need to hire in-house expertise
  • You can do this with MINIMAL staff involvement

Pearl Logic Optimization


We dissect and do a deep dive forensic x-ray into every single element of your coverages, plans, services and costs.


We uncover all hidden areas of over-spending and identify all viable cost reducing strategies.


We will spearhead implementation of these employee benefit cost reducing strategies for you, upon your approval.

Average Cost reductions of $75 -$100, per employee, per month

Zero investment, zero risk.

No Investment Needed

Pearl Logic works on a percentage of savings model.

We do not have any upfront fees.

We get paid ONLY as a small portion of the savings realized from our recommendations … and you pocket the rest.

If we don’t bring money back to your bottom line, you pay us nothing.

Pearl Logic Does ALL of the Heavy Lifting

Without Adding a Project to Your Desk

  • No need to hire an in-house expert
  • Minimal input needed from your team
  • We will provide simple, transparent insight into your employee benefits coverages and costs every step of the way

Important Question:

If you could cut a substantial amount of wasted spend, with minimal time spent doing so, would it be worth a quick discussion?