National IT Staffing

(New Jersey)

Per Employee Per Year Cost

BCBS Bundled vs. Unbundled

Per Employee Per Year (PEPY) Premium for BCBS Self Funded Plan with PwC Annual Medical Trend*

Actual PEPY Cost of Unbundled Health Plan with Independent TPA & Healthcare Supply Chain Management

National IT Staffing New Jersey PEPY UHC Bundled vs Unbundled Graphic

*PwC Medical Trend: Year 1 – 6%, Year 2 – 7%, Year 3 – 5.5%

Average Number of Employees

National IT Staffing New Jersey average number of employees Graphic

Annual Savings**

**Versus cost if client were to stay their current course, prior to & without any consultant involvement, engagement or intervention.

National IT Staffing New Jersey Annual Savings Graphic

Cumulative Savings

National IT Staffing New Jersey Cummulative Savings Graphic

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