Case Studies

The CFOs of these companies felt powerless to contain employee healthcare costs. Pearl Logic helped them reclaim their control and lower this massive line item by 30%–70%. And, their employees got access to higher quality care and superior outcomes.

It doesn’t matter what industry or region of the country you’re in. If you have 50 or more full-time, w2 employees enrolled in the current healthcare plan, Pearl Logic can help you stop the overspending!

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Auto Dealer Group Case Study

Auto Dealer Group

Saved over $730,000

Construction Case Study


Saved over $3.7 million

Credit Union Case Study

Credit Union

Saved over $470,000

Manufacturing Case Study


Saved over $5.5 million

Manufacturing Case Study


Saved over $360,000

Multi-State Auto Dealer Case Study

Multi-State Auto Dealer

Saved over $4.3 million

Multi-State Captive Case Study

Multi-State Captive

Saved over $258 million

Construction Case Study

National IT Staffing

Saved over $3.4 million

Restaurant Fast Food Case Study

Restaurant–Fast Food

Saved over $3.1 million

Waste management Services Case Study

Waste Management Services

Saved over $6.2 million

What would you do with your new net margin?

You’ve been tricked into overspending on employee healthcare costs. But you can regain control and save thousands. We’ll show you how.

One of our biggest regrets is that we did not find Pearl Logic sooner.

Operations VP, Large Midwest Sales Company

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Healthcare: The giant scam we all pay for.


Reclaim your control over employee healthcare costs.